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Jérémie Boudreault is a woman of action and an inspired artist. Being a connector, she does not hesitate to sprout talents. She is guided by an instinct that does not fade.

In the presence of Jérémie, we feel her passion in everything she undertakes. Multidisciplinary artist, she practices with equal happiness the creation of her own works, the artistic direction, the realization and the diffusion of collective projects.

Actress, artist in visual arts and multimedia, Jeremy is inspired by what challenges and touches her, whether it is a painting, a sculpture, a news item and gives free rein to her imagination. For her, life is a great laboratory of experimentation. Contact with other artists, from here and elsewhere, is essential and she likes to challenge them. She marvels at each achievement she receives as an offering, an ode to creativity.

Jérémie Boudreault has not hesitated to create a space of cultural diffusion which she shares with her friend and her accomplice, the painter Tania Lebedeff, for more than 20 years. Arts Station, this old restored garage, in the middle of nowhere, is a versatile place. From 1996 to 2011, it was a theater with 70 seats. Jérémie created Productions tableaux vivants and staged her own creations, invented characters who became famous, like Pépé l’Espagnol. Arts Station offered an annual program from September to June - theater, dance, storytelling, videos, exhibitions, etc. - the place still vibrates completed projects and projects in the making.


Jérémie is a visionary and the walls of creation are bursting. Arts Station offers too little space. Since 2007, Créations-sur-le champ (land art) is inspired by the raw materials of nature and theart work has free rein in an infinite space. The event has become a flagship event and extends well beyond the regional boundaries of the Richelieu Valley.

Creation is done in broad daylight. The public follows the evolution of the creative process. Art is becoming more democratic. The artist reveals himself and becomes accessible. People come with their family to discover the flavor of the works, whether they are art lovers or not. Conviviality is what ensures the success and durability of this artistic event, unequaled in Quebec.

Jérémie chooses the artists and makes them discover at the same time that she discovers them herself, sometimes. Her strength is to dare, to risk and each time, she wins her bet.

Jérémie who has invested the art scene and gained public notoriety is also a woman of intimacy who has her secret garden. She is constantly bubbling and her life is a permanent creation.


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