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Jérémie Boudreault
Imagination is everything

General & artistic director

Creating the event here and elsewhere!
Merging all kind of arts, always with nature in mind, unite the arte povera and land art, giving a hand to new artists.

Créations-sur-le-champ land art Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Creative and Artistic of the international event
Producer: Town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Jusqu'à ce jour depuis 2007

Productions tableaux vivants
Founder of this cultural organization wich has for mission to create and produce some novating events
Jusqu'à ce jour depuis 1997

Livraison chaos
Creative and Artistic Director
Facebook/Livraison chaos

Week-end Mouton noir
Creative and Artistic Director

Cabaret de l'heure mauve
Creative and Artistic Director
Spectacles musicaux sur l'esplanade de l'hôtel de ville.
Producer: Town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Foule Fanfare Masquée
Creativea nd Artistic Director
Parade featuring giants puppets Artistic parade in the streets of Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Producer: Town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire


Petit théâtre d’Arts Station
Cofounder, Artistic Director and Managing
Music, theatre, dance and multidisciplinary events.
350 performances, 1 000 artists, 30 000 spectators

1995 à 2012

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